Keep Your Furry Friends Looking Their
Very Best

Accomplished pet grooming in Casper, WY

Keep your pet happy and healthy by bringing him or her to The Groomer in Casper, WY. We'll make sure their coat, nails and ears are looking good. Our professional groomer, Jana who has more than 28 years of experience in the grooming trade and her apprentice Schpri who is under her guidance knows how to put your dog at ease while using the latest and most effective cleaning techniques.

Skip the hours you spend trying to give your dog a bath or trimming their nails – make an appointment with The Groomer in Casper, WY instead!

Give your pet a new kind of grooming experience

The Groomer believes in keeping your pet as comfortable as possible by maintaining a clean, bright and comfortable working environment. We work hard to showcase our love for every pet by carefully tending to their needs, while giving you confidence in our ability to handle all your pet grooming desires.

From bath & brush service to full groom and scissor finishing, The Groomer can make your furry friend look fantastic. Our services include:

• Bathing
• Brushing
• Haircut
• Anal gland expression
• Nail trimming
• Hand fluff
• Odor removal

Once you call The Groomer in Wyoming, you’ll know immediately you’ve chosen to work with an experienced expert who knows how to care for your animal.

Rely on the professional who has turned a passion for four-legged friends into the best choice in Casper for quality pet grooming.

Bring your fur baby to an expert who puts their needs first

At The Groomer, we take pride in encouraging a harmonious atmosphere to make your furry friends feel at ease while we’re caring for them. With a quick turnaround time and an open environment, your pet won’t have to spend time closed away in a cage waiting for you to pick them up.

Once your pet has been groomed, our professional can offer advice on how to best care for them and their new look. If you’ve been searching for a groomer with years of hands-on experience to care for your pet, look no further than The Groomer in Casper. Call our Wyoming office today to schedule your appointment. Seniors that are 60 years or older receive 15% off their service.

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Fast Turn Around Time

We understand dogs don't need to be confined to a kennel all day unless the owner's schedule demands it. Most small dogs are done within 2-4 hours

Free Nail Trims

The Groomer understands the importance of regularly trimmed toe nails for the health of your dog. We offer free nail trims to any dog. Please call for details

28 Years of Experience

The Groomers experience in the dog grooming industry ensures your dog will receive the groom you expect. We offer education on each individual dog to make grooming experiences the best they can be for your best friend.

Happy Dog Owners!

Arlene Gallinger
5 star - Friendly staff, and my Bichon looks awesome and actually is white!! Definitely will be using them again..

Jennifer Legerski
5 star - They always do an awesome job and my kramer can be a handful.

Shannan Morries
5 star-I took in my 2 large dogs to get their nails trimmed. Neither one of my dogs handles it well. My girl usually has a complete breakdown to the point that she has snapped at our doctor before. But, not this time! My boy whined a little but I think that was more impatience than anything. And my girl didn't make a peep!! This is seriously amazing!!! The groomer was patient and caring and knew exactly what she was doing! I couldn't be happier! Thank you!!

Kymberli Rumph
5 star-I took my large long hair dog to them today, and couldn't be more pleased with how pretty my big girl looks! Clean facility, reasonably prices, friendly, and pleasant staff. My dog didn't hesitate to go into their building like she has other facilities. We are both so happy to have found a great groomer, we will be back for her summer grooming for sure! :-)

Casey H.
So far the Only groomers to actually get all the mats out! He's a large plush coat gsd and now he's shiny and soft, with much less hair!

Jane - 5 Stars

I have been to groomers that either treat my dogs bad and do a good job or treat my dogs good and do a bad job. I finally found a groomer that treats my dogs great and does a great job. I am very pleased and would recommend The Groomer to anyone.

Samantha - 5 Stars

I think I was more scared than my dogs were, when I choose to leave my ex-groomer of 8 years. This establishment is extremely clean, welcoming, as well as their staff. My dogs seemed to do well with the new environment, and they look and smell great!! Extremely affordable! Looking forward to their next visit!

Benny - 5 Stars

Jana handled our new rescue with kid gloves. He felt comfortable from the 1st time we brought him to her. He's a Maltese mix, and she does a beautiful job....each and every time! Thank you Jana!