Doesn't Your Pet Deserve to Be Groomed by a Professional With 30 Years of Experience?

Doesn't Your Pet Deserve to Be Groomed by a Professional With
30 Years of Experience?

Trust your furry friend to The Groomer in Casper, WY

Showcasing a passion for pets by relying on her extensive experience in the grooming industry, The Groomer in Casper can keep your furry friend happy and healthy with a variety of services. For years, we've worked hard to create an open, dog-friendly environment that keeps your pet comfortable throughout the grooming process.

With quick turnaround times, a clean environment and a range of services-including free nail trimming-The Groomer is your best choice for quality pet washing and trimming. Rely on our professional groomer when you want exceptional bathing, brushing, trimming, odor removal, free nail trimming and other grooming services.

The Groomer currently has two apprentice groomers that are being trained with the same kindness, knowledge, and technique that you have come to expect from our pet groomer. We are enjoying the opportunity to pass along our philosophies to the future generation. The Groomer is also happy to welcome the newest member of our team, Lucy Dolan. Lucy has over 13 years of experience and is excited to meet all of our regular four legged friends!

Don't spend hours washing your dog in the bathtub or spraying your home with fragrance to get rid of the odor, when you can bring them to The Groomer in Casper. Call us today to schedule an appointment for quality grooming!

Dog are Monitored Each Groom for Medical Changes

The Groomer LLC isn't your average dog groomer. Dogs that visit us for regular grooming services get more than just a groom. We also monitor your pets for signs of medical issues. Our groomer is on the lookout for a variety of issues that could pop up including:

•Skin issues
•Coat changes
•Ear problems
•Ruptured anal glands
•Joint issues

While grooming your dog if we notice something usual then we notify the pet's owner. For example, recently we were grooming a dog who had a dime size bump on her. We told the dog's owner to keep an eye on the bump and if it changed in size to contact their vet. The bump grew in just a few days from the size of a dime to a quarter. The owner took the dog to their vet and it turned out that the bump was a symptom of an aggressive cancer. We also recently had a dog in for a groom that was very sensitive to the blade on the clippers. It turns out that the dog had a loose kneecap and the vibration of the clippers was irritating the Skelton structure. Both of these stories show that we were able to identify a symptom of a medical issue which lead to the treatment of the issue with the dog's vet.

Our Groomer DOES NOT Sedate or Encourage Sedition of Animals